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Potential Interviews for Professional Practice | Reading Response

The article about awkward people starting non-awkward conversations makes sense, most things get easier the more you practice them. I think I am pretty good about talking to people. A lot of people that I don't necessarily know on campus but have interactions with every day will say hello and maybe talk a bit about their day before we move on. I like to show kindness to others and I enjoy seeing it be reciprocated. I believe that with more practice on speaking about my work and public speaking in general, I will become more attuned to speaking to an audience and less nervous.

careers@barkleyus.com  This is Barkley's career page.

http://willoughbydesign.com/contact-us/ This page is set up to submit your resume. Although the creative director is Zack Shubkagel so I'm assuming you'd want to get in touch with him.

Hint's contact for employment is Dan Barker 913-634-1439

Brian Simpson is the creative director for Intake studios 816-569-0010

Mk12 is 816-931-2425 info@mk12.com