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The article about the 1st steps to landing a job listed getting involved, knowing yourself, interviewing, and embracing the journey. I don't know that any of it was news to me but it was helpful to read and think more about it. The 2014 Design salary and hiring trends article highlighted the fact that jobs are paying talented professionals more money, and that freelance is also on the rise. Overall, things look pretty healthy for this job industry, as long as you put the work in.

On to the logo related articles and inspiration, I've read them all but am going back over them because I am having some trouble with my brand mark. One article stated the steps as identifying your brand, making something unique, doodling to bring forth ideas, and being flexible with your design. I am going to just doodle a lot and see what happens. I had something in mind because often times I sign my name, kris10 because it makes it easier for people to understand how to spell (not with an "i") and it also is how I've signed my name since probably, middle school. I suppose it was a nickname I gave myself that was discrete in that it didn't actually phonetically sound like a nickname, but appeared as one on paper. I'm going to do some drawings related to that concept and then also a concept that includes my love for birds, ravens especially. Not for their darkness, but for their intelligence and odd behavior. They are extremely intuitive and can recognize a person, and remember that person and the experience they had with them.

The other article I read was 4 tips about designing your logo. I was pleasantly surprised by how much of this I was aware of just by working at KCPT. I have been helping with overflow from creating their new logo and identity. I have spent a lot of hours converting that logo and saving versions of it that are compatible with all different types of media. Especially with broadcast media, there were things I had no idea about (like a super). So the idea of creating a logo with and without a tagline, in RGB CMYK, a version with just the graphic, and a reversed version for screen purposes or dark backgrounds, was not brand new, but I appreciated recognizing how much I have learned at KCPT.

I looked at the 2014 logo trends and I could easily recognize what they were talking about just by recalling logos that I have seen lately. In fact, KCPT's new logo involves the waves. I appreciated this, and I'll try to stay away from these. I owe it to myself to create something unique.

Here is my creative brief for myself: