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Buddy Bot Prototype Video Test

This video is my idea of a dramatic product announcement. I wanted to make it to create a brand essence and to come up with some visual elements to adhere to that were speaking to the project and the audience. I also had some logo ideas. This is all subject to change now that we have a bit more time. I'm also going to add a dog-parent feature that allows people with pets to watch and entertain their pets from remote locations (work, school, etc). And of course, the initial function of promoting independence and self-discipline and time management with children by keeping them on time in the morning and rewarding them for doing so. I'm going to redesign the robot to be a little more 3 dimensional and add three different styles. One for children, young adults, and dog owners. I think these are the three demographics that would have the most use for this object. I'm going to backpedal a bit and create a consistent brand package for this like I did for the rebranding project. Then I can return to the video and include an instructional part for the object and also the interface which will be a small screen on the bot's body and then an app that it sends information to. I created the sound for this video and I think I will lighten it up a bit. Starting the video really helped me think a lot more about the details of this project.