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Internet of Things Update

I have decided to go with my buddy bot idea that would help children gain more independence by promoting sense of time and self awareness. They would be kept on track by this buddy bot that would be programmable to fit the needs of any schedule. It would be most useful in the morning getting ready for school (so mom doesn't have to get up before the kids just to get ready) and at night time when they are getting ready for bed. While they are brushing teeth for instance, it would have a built in timer that could sing a song for them while they brush, and say things like ''excellent job" when they were finished. The reward system would account for things like brushing teeth for a full 2 minutes. For very small children, it may be helpful for nap time as well. Parents can connect to the bot by phone and see what their kids are up to in the next room using the same technology that is in so many baby monitors. They can also speak to the kids through the speaker on the bot. The bot keeps the children on time with the preset schedule and rewards them through games connected to an application on tablet or phone. There is an iPod dock and speaker to allow music streaming and charging. It can also be played through bluetooth. This would also be helpful if at bath time, parents had to go to the bathroom or something and couldn't watch the child for a moment, they could use the camera and speaker to monitor the bath while they step away. An alert system would be in place for signs of distress in any situation. Say if the word "help" was said, the bot would detect this as and alert the parent in a more abrasive manner. I'm not saying you shouldn't monitor your children but I know as a single parent there are often times when you have to step away and having something to help keep an eye on the kids or help them get ready would be an excellent life hack. Please see my rendering below to get an idea of the size and shape of this device. These are just some initial thoughts that I had while I was thinking more about the details of the bot. I think it's important that this look like a robot and not try to be something else because children really love robots, or at least my kids do. As a child, I was pretty fond of the Jetsons and the robot maid that they had was fascinating. I'd say this was subconsciously inspired by The Jetsons. But I didn't realize it until I posted this image and was able to reflect. Anyway, I'm really excited to have some fun with this project while also fantasizing about its realization.