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Internet of Things

I have been really sick which is why there hasn't been much up here lately. It's been difficult to use my hands for long periods of time because of severe joint pain so I'm planning on revisiting these projects when I'm feeling better. I always fix things up before finals and I have come to the realization that there isn't much I can do about this right now so I'm just going to do the best that I can. Anyway, please know that I will be revisiting this project as I have had a lot of fun exploration with it and was really bummed that I couldn't do all the things I wanted to do. That being said, I have revised this a lot and finally settled on an aesthetic. I named the robot Momo because it means "dumpling" and one of the keywords for this prototype is "cute". The robot needs to be something that children aren't afraid of. I expanded the idea from a time management system to a parenting assistant. The robot would be employed with hoverboard technology to allow it to cascade down stairs or in any room it needs to be in. The idea is that it follows kids around or stays in a stationary spot (depending on your settings) and keeps an eye on the kids in case you need to go in the other room. You can also interact with the children through the camera and speaker using the Momo app on the phone. Games can be played from either device with a reward system tracking children's self-discipline, time-management, and independence skills. There would be an alert system to let parents know if something was awry such as elevated carbon monoxide levels, fire, a child crying, etc. The robot would have a light show and sound system readily available for a soothing nap time. Another version could be bought for pet owners wanting to keep their pet entertained during the day while they are at work, while they are also able to monitor their activities. The robot could also have an interactive feature with the infrared sensors to start an exercise routine with the children, with the same sort of technology from the Wii or other infrared gaming systems that track human movements. The material would most likely be aluminum to save some weight and energy. It would also have LED lights with a soft glow from underneath the material.