k r i s t e n
d e s i g n

p r o c e s s

Notecards | Infographic Sketches | Persona

This is the persona that I am creating this taxonomy for. A middle-aged woman who enjoys solitude and is fascinated with nature. She works part time at the library and is a member of several book clubs. She doesn't have a lot of family or friends, in fact she prefers nature over companionship. 

 I have my notecards and infographic sketches compiled. Today I'm going to explore my infographic ideas more in depth and dissect the more plausible ideas. My infographic ideas are as follows:

Types of plants they eat using the stalks of the plants as the platform for typography

Size and shape of the cocoon | varieties of pupa / larvae 

Migration Patterns

Level of deterioration of the collection 

Butterfly Anatomy

Wing Patterns | Shapes | Colors

Cell Structure of wings

Endangered list | Rarity 

Stages of Metamorphosis 

Exotic vs Regional

Colors of flowers they are attracted to 

Location specimen was found (map)