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Print Assets

All I have left to do at this point is one more interview and fix up my portfolio website. My business cards will be here Thursday, my print portfolio will be here april 26th-27th, and my leave behind (stickers of abstracted work) + thank you card will be here May 3rd. I ordered my print portfolio from Blurb (still considering binding one of my own) and the other things from Moo. The leave behinds-and thank you's are cutting it close but I worked on those last to ensure the vital deliverables would be here on time. I am printing my resume, cover letter and letterhead at the print center at school on paper that I have selected so that they are consistent as far as texture is concerned. Everything I've made has been within the same system. It took a lot of iterations to figure out how to get to the minimal approach I was trying to convey but it finally came together.

I chose to get two different cards for different reasons. Sometimes a thank you isn't exactly what needs to be said. The inside is blank and the back has my logo and contact info. The envelopes are white. I tried to upload an image of the sticker book but my internet at home is almost non-existent (which is why I only worked on print assets this weekend). Next class period I'm going to be fine-tuning my portfolio website and getting my third interview set in stone.