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pro practice

So you may notice my header is gone, I'm making a new one to match my website identity. I had some time to think about my business cards since I got them in early so I redid my logo a bit and also reordered some cards that are a little different just to satisfy my need to see what could be possible and to also fix them according to what my interviewers said about the design.(MOO was also running a 25% off sale so I got them for even cheaper than the last ones!) It was suggested that I put the logo on the front so I tried that and liked it much better. I did a version with black on both sides and icons for the contact section on the back. The finish is still super soft and the corners are rounded. My thank you cards came in and I feel like they still fit with this identity system. I'm going to be working on my website during class because I removed all the junk I didn't like and am now I'm putting things back thinking minimally and letting my work breathe.

I've also got a lot of logo explorations but ultimately I like what is on the card: