k r i s t e n
d e s i g n

p r o c e s s

User Testing Day @ The Nelson

We got to test our maps on four families at the Nelson yesterday here is some of the feedback:

-Add a directional compass
-Add the pathway dots on the legend so it is clear that they represent the paths
-Add more street names especially where the parking garage is
-On the back of the riddle cards add textures that correlate to the sculptures
-Make the riddle cards one long accordion fold so they are less likely to fly away
-Get rid of the cuts halfway down the paper, they made the whole piece easier to rip. 
-Some of the riddles were a little easier while one (ferment) may have been too challenging. 
-One family especially wanted the riddles to include more of the nelson lawn. Maybe sending them on a scavenger hunt all around the lawn until they reach the final four spotlight sculptures
-One family said the map was too artistic, time to bring back in more design
-They also suggested using a thinner stock paper so there did not need to be any cuts but all folds. 
-Suggested using mosaics as an activity. Maybe they get pieces to the mosaic at each station then they can put them all together at the end. 

Overall the user testing day was a big success. We got lots of great feedback and we feel ready to make some adjustments and finish big. Will add photos later.