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15 Problems & Solutions + Menial Tasks App Mood Board

These are some things that our demographic may have a hard time with during their first year or so away from home and some apps or online sources that will help.

  1. Finding a place to eat -- Opentable or Foursquare
  2. Finding books for school -- Chegg
  3. Finding a roommate -- roomi
  4. Basics of cleaning -- UFYH
  5. How to meal plan -- pepper plate
  6. Coupons to save money -- GrocerIQ
  7. Consolidating Social Media -- Hootsuite
  8. Splitting the bill with friends -- split wise
  9. Bus/Transportation -- uber
  10. Car Maintenance -- RepairPal
  11. Meeting new people -- meet up
  12. Bill pay reminders -- mint bills
  13. Utility monitor to keep cost down -- nest
  14. Lowest gas prices -- gas buddy
  15. Trouble sleeping alone at night/ loud city noise -- white noise (app)