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Branding Research pt 1 (Seattle Fish Co.)

I researched the Seattle Fish Company here in KC because I stumbled upon it while doing other research. I love the sea and I love food so I was automatically interested. I explored their brand essence and their vision. The company values are as follows:

Problem Statement: 

There is not enough fresh, quality seafood being imported into landlocked states.


To deliver fish of pristine quality, from catch to cook. To be the number one supplier of fish to the Kansas City area.


Maintain a team of enthusiastic employees who work around the clock in a state-of-the-art facility and by fostering sustainable fishing practices around the world. Technology allows fresh fish to be delivered in hours instead of days across the country. They founded Sea-Pact, a first of it's kind environmental nonprofit formed through an alliance of nine seafood distributors to ensure that we will always be able to eat fish.