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Branding Research (pt. 2) Seafood Restaurants (Bristol & Jax Fish House)

Fish house & Oyster Bar (KCMO Roanoke Parkway)

Problem Statement:

Kansas City is a landlocked, sustainably conscious and forward community that does not have enough access to fresh, fine seafood.


To bring the coast to the coastless by mindfully sourcing and soulfully preparing the freshest and finest seafood in the world.


To create great memories by serving our guests and community with an uncommon level of genuine care. Every glass, every plate, and every gesture is filled with the intent to create a singularly perfect


Jax Fish House is committed to serving you sustainable seafood. We are supremely concerned about global oceanic fish stocks; every decision we make is guided by that concern. Our relationship with a fishmonger is dependent on their commitment to respecting and maintaining sustainable fisheries. We partner with Seafood WatchThe Blue Ocean InstituteSea to Table, and Fish Choice among other sustainable seafood certification organizations to share important news in the ever changing world within our oceans. Due to our dedicated sustainable seafood practices, Jax Fish House is proud to be the first restaurant in Colorado to be certified by the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch. Seafood is delicious…let’s make it last forever.

Seafood Grill  (Downtown KC)

Problem Statement: 

Kansas City does not offer many options for fresh, premium seafood in upscale environments.


To offer the Kansas City area's freshest premium seafood.


Working with quality fishmongers, water men, ranchers, & artisan producers allows Bristol to create dishes that are excellent from the start. They also use fine ingredients that separate good from great. They offer seamless service in a classic, upscale atmosphere with a vibrant bar & patio.



I'm rebranding a fish restaurant. Brand schematic will be up very soon. Stay tuned. I really enjoyed researching these companies. Bristol has some really beautiful subtle details in their design. It's very crisp.