k r i s t e n
d e s i g n

p r o c e s s


Eric and I are interested in community gardening and the ways it can benefit and enrich lives. We are conducting more research to narrow down our topic and community.

While researching coop gardening, I came across Albina Cooperative Gardens. This is a community space where people can volunteer to nurture the garden and in turn, nourish their families with fresh produce. There is also an app called eGardenGo which helps gardeners gain the resources they need to start their own successful systems. Technology has benefited agriculture so much by way of things like an irrigation app that controls the irrigation systems for large farms, or giving farmers the market value of crops instantly. But these things are much more large scale than what we were thinking about.

There are lots of online resources to educate people on how to grow and maintain a community garden but these don't really include the initiative that Eric and I were floating around. We were thinking of creating a platform for neighborhoods to be able to develop their own community gardens and work as a group to feed and maintain their communities. I have heard of community gardens but they are often in privileged areas, missing the areas that have children that go hungry over the summer when school is out.

I think after communicating more about our research, Eric and I will be able to narrow down our vision and mission for this idea.