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Identity Research

While researching identity systems and successful rebrands, I came across Giant Restaurant. I was immediately drawn to the aesthetic so I wanted to find out more about why they chose it. The authenticity is what makes it so charming. They serve unpretentious midwestern food in Chicago. The space inside is contemporary and utilitarian

The website is really nice and refreshing for a restaurant. The vision of the company makes perfect sense and they are unexpectedly humble and down to earth.

We like food. We like people. We like feeding people food. We promise not to make people into food. We promise to make simple, delicious (slightly cheffy) food for people to eat. We promise to be ready with the wine should the people want it. We don’t have room for a lot of people, so, people please, make your reservations early. People.

The image of the chefs and presumably owners of the restaurant seem so approachable.

I'm interested in designing spaces and I think a restaurant is a place where you can design everything from the signage to the floor tiles and the embroidery on the napkins to make it all a cohesive, beautiful, relaxing experience. More often than not, the places that taste the best don't look so great. And if they do, most people can't afford them. Giant Restaurant seems to understand this. It's nothing completely revolutionary but it's done the right way. Simple and effective. 

The problem is that most (decent) restaurants (that look nice) are too pricey and food that tastes good is usually served in a less than appetizing environment or at least not the experience that we all hope for when we go out for a meal. 

Their vision is to make simple, delicious food that people like to eat. 

Their mission is to provide efficient service with simple delicious food in a comfortable environment.

I love these business cards. Each piece is a part of the larger picture. The concept is interesting because the typography uses vast spaces and the contrast of white type against natural backgrounds, which contradicts the idea of eating unpretentious food in an intimate space. It does it deliberately, boldly, differentiating itself from competitors. This system is implemented with cohesion and the subtle variety is very successful. 

I'm considering redesigning a restaurant because I love to cook, I love to eat, and I love when an interior space is so heavily influenced by the user experience and design system.