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Degree Project | Research | Thoughts

There are three sheets here of my thoughts and one organized page of the research and questions that are arising in terms of my senior degree project. I am exploring the word "salubrious" and everything encompassing it. Everything outside of it. All things considered. Beginning with the mind and the idea of the creative process being a healing one. A necessary step out of a sad mindset. How does one create when making becomes bogged down by the mind? Rumination is what I explored in the second page. Incessant, unforgiving rumination. My thoughts absolutely consume me. Design is therapeutic in that it gives me momentary breaks from this and channels my energy into work. Production is important to me. Joy is important to me. When I don't feel joy it is difficult for me to make but if I do not make, I will never feel joy. The whale imagery is one of displaced disorientation in a surreal environment. My goals are quickly approaching in a beautiful, graceful way but without feeling grounded within myself, that means nothing. It doesn't seem real that I am about to embark on the next chapter of my life.