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Flounder logotype sketches

I have quite a few more sketches on the wall at school but this is what I did after the kids went to bed.  A few more sketches with the word fulfilled in mind. Also using more of the Fish House rather than Flounder's name. These pertain more to being satisfied and eating. I will be scanning all of the rest in tomorrow at school so that I have high-res images. My phone locked me out and I lost the photos I took of my sketches on the wall at school this afternoon and I don't like posting on Facebook this late in case people have notifications turned on or something. So I will post my high-res scans on Facebook and on here tomorrow. I have really enjoyed this part. I forget how much I love to draw. I forced myself to draw with a sharpie for a year to gain some confidence in my mark making and I think, now that I've gone back to pencil, it has really helped me improve. I have a greater appreciation and attention to the sensitivity of the medium. Not perfect by any means but much better than I used to be. I can execute on paper what I'm visualizing much more easily. 'till tomorrow-