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Nelson App
Here is our app that we created for the Nelson experience. The biggest struggle we had was translating the analog aesthetic into a digital space. This would help people find each other in the huge space with 5,000+ people. 

Big Picnic Map 2.0 (edit)
I just realized I posted this under Human-centered design so you may not have seen it. Sorry about that.

New and improved with type and color!

This was really fun to illustrate :) the watercolor really brings it to life. It was nice getting off of the computer for a while. Reminds me that I need to make time for more sketching because it really is restorative.

and here's a couple of photos from user testing day, isaac and haas were stationed up the hill at the dendroid and sheep piece while i was stationed at the labyrinth. we stamped the participant's cards and handed out bubbles and toy coins. 

Your Friend Poster MOTM
I made a poster for Middle of the Map Fest. I made one last year for the same artist, Taryn Miller who's band is called "Your Friend". She is from Lawrence, Kansas where I lived for a while and have met her a few times. Her music has developed immensely in richness and texture so I thought this poster should reflect that. The new album is called Gumption. Here is the poster I made. I was excited to be able to incorporate my love for illustrating birds. I wanted there to be a bit of solitary mystery as the album is a lot about self-awareness and (to me) the wisdom you gain with age and how rewarding but painful it can be sometimes to be alone with yourself and reflect on your growth.

Speaking of growth, I have noticed some within my work lately. This is going in my portfolio. :)

If you have a minute, I'd really appreciate a vote

M U S E website update (taxonomy)

Here are some screenshots of what I've been working on. The animations were taking too long of the butterfly moving it's wings so I'm moving in a different direction for now. I decided to have more fun with this and take it out of the realistic, very literal world I was coming from with the idea of having a website for people to identify butterflies. Instead I'd like to retain the personal aspect of the collection and make the website my own. There are some ideas I've been wanting to explore within Muse with the scrolling effect so I decided to give it a try. I want the experience to seem like a tactile one and I think that can be achieved with textured layers. This isn't final by any means but it's a fun direction to explore and I'm anxious to see how it goes over during critique. I think it still has some development that needs to happen but I am still catching up from being sick. I am still going to try to make GIFS of the butterflies moving more slightly and less complicated than I had them previously to speed up the process. I like this as a starting point, especially with how excited it got me about the project. 

Reading Response | Wireframes
The reading offered some interesting perspectives on website organization and user experience. I like the way Vox describes their page layouts; rivers and rocks as opposed to columns and grids. Sometimes starting a grid can be hard if you don't know exactly where you want your information to go so thinking about it from a user perspective helps simplify that process by organizing through functionality rather than just aesthetic. I found the part about density to be really helpful because I do this almost subconsciously now but didn't quite have a name for it.

I developed my wireframes based off of the landing page I created on Monday because I think it's a great place to begin.

(version 2) i had cutouts on the version above but they didn't show up.