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Big Picnic Map 2.0 (edit)
I just realized I posted this under Human-centered design so you may not have seen it. Sorry about that.

New and improved with type and color!

This was really fun to illustrate :) the watercolor really brings it to life. It was nice getting off of the computer for a while. Reminds me that I need to make time for more sketching because it really is restorative.

and here's a couple of photos from user testing day, isaac and haas were stationed up the hill at the dendroid and sheep piece while i was stationed at the labyrinth. we stamped the participant's cards and handed out bubbles and toy coins. 

User Testing Day @ The Nelson
We got to test our maps on four families at the Nelson yesterday here is some of the feedback:

-Add a directional compass
-Add the pathway dots on the legend so it is clear that they represent the paths
-Add more street names especially where the parking garage is
-On the back of the riddle cards add textures that correlate to the sculptures
-Make the riddle cards one long accordion fold so they are less likely to fly away
-Get rid of the cuts halfway down the paper, they made the whole piece easier to rip. 
-Some of the riddles were a little easier while one (ferment) may have been too challenging. 
-One family especially wanted the riddles to include more of the nelson lawn. Maybe sending them on a scavenger hunt all around the lawn until they reach the final four spotlight sculptures
-One family said the map was too artistic, time to bring back in more design
-They also suggested using a thinner stock paper so there did not need to be any cuts but all folds. 
-Suggested using mosaics as an activity. Maybe they get pieces to the mosaic at each station then they can put them all together at the end. 

Overall the user testing day was a big success. We got lots of great feedback and we feel ready to make some adjustments and finish big. Will add photos later. 
Nelson update
Here are our user questions:

How was the difficulty level of the riddles?

Do you have any suggestions for the back of the card for an activity for very small children?

What was your favorite part about this particular system?

Was the map easy to navigate?

Is the size of the document appropriate and legible?

What do you think is missing?

This is what our map is looking like. We printed on some paper that's too thick so glad we did so we know now. This project is sort of like working in the dark because I have no idea what will work and what won't so I'm thankful for user testing day. I'll have to upload the riddle cards later because my order for the coins and bubbles didn't come in, unexpectedly and now I have to go get something to compensate.

Your Friend Poster MOTM
I made a poster for Middle of the Map Fest. I made one last year for the same artist, Taryn Miller who's band is called "Your Friend". She is from Lawrence, Kansas where I lived for a while and have met her a few times. Her music has developed immensely in richness and texture so I thought this poster should reflect that. The new album is called Gumption. Here is the poster I made. I was excited to be able to incorporate my love for illustrating birds. I wanted there to be a bit of solitary mystery as the album is a lot about self-awareness and (to me) the wisdom you gain with age and how rewarding but painful it can be sometimes to be alone with yourself and reflect on your growth.

Speaking of growth, I have noticed some within my work lately. This is going in my portfolio. :)

If you have a minute, I'd really appreciate a vote

Mood Boards | Big Picnic (Nelson Art Gallery Collaboration)

My partners for this project are Haas and Isaac. I am looking forward to working with them, I think we all have unique perspectives so it will be interesting to see how the project turns out. This is a really rough mood board with some quick brainstorm ideas. I am going to do an illustration to go along with it to try to capture the aesthetic I was thinking about. Each of us are going to have a mood board and we will discuss them in class tomorrow to see which direction we'd like to move forward with. 

Internet of Things
I have been really sick which is why there hasn't been much up here lately. It's been difficult to use my hands for long periods of time because of severe joint pain so I'm planning on revisiting these projects when I'm feeling better. I always fix things up before finals and I have come to the realization that there isn't much I can do about this right now so I'm just going to do the best that I can. Anyway, please know that I will be revisiting this project as I have had a lot of fun exploration with it and was really bummed that I couldn't do all the things I wanted to do. That being said, I have revised this a lot and finally settled on an aesthetic. I named the robot Momo because it means "dumpling" and one of the keywords for this prototype is "cute". The robot needs to be something that children aren't afraid of. I expanded the idea from a time management system to a parenting assistant. The robot would be employed with hoverboard technology to allow it to cascade down stairs or in any room it needs to be in. The idea is that it follows kids around or stays in a stationary spot (depending on your settings) and keeps an eye on the kids in case you need to go in the other room. You can also interact with the children through the camera and speaker using the Momo app on the phone. Games can be played from either device with a reward system tracking children's self-discipline, time-management, and independence skills. There would be an alert system to let parents know if something was awry such as elevated carbon monoxide levels, fire, a child crying, etc. The robot would have a light show and sound system readily available for a soothing nap time. Another version could be bought for pet owners wanting to keep their pet entertained during the day while they are at work, while they are also able to monitor their activities. The robot could also have an interactive feature with the infrared sensors to start an exercise routine with the children, with the same sort of technology from the Wii or other infrared gaming systems that track human movements. The material would most likely be aluminum to save some weight and energy. It would also have LED lights with a soft glow from underneath the material.