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The Velvet Underground Revised Vinyl Cover

I reprinted this and took some better photos. Refined the whole project. I am really pleased with how this turned out. I am happy that I was able to refine one of my manny explorations. At the end of the project, I was able to focus on exactly how the music sounded to me because I discarded all of the extra information in my previous explorations. I chose a corrugated gold for the sleeve because it translated the sort of arrogant, excessive, high-art scene that this was created around.  The colors are putrid to reflect the content of the songs which are both about the underbelly of life. There is a movement present on both sides of the cover that I believe reflects the abrasive qualities of the song. There is a sort of haunting presence of something that once was, or is still there, but not completely visible. The corrugated gold is also a reflection of the brittle, shrill strings that are present in both songs. 

Album cover revisions
If there was an award for explorations and tossed ideas, I think I would be a candidate. I will post some of the ideas I have worked on/disposed of. Each exploration has led me to something great in a new composition. I feel as though I have beat this to death and it still isn't quite what I'm looking for. I made things really complex within the composition and then reduced it down to purely sounds and I'm trying to find a nice place between those two worlds. I want this to evoke how the album sounds, but also how it feels. Elements I want to capture:  strings (guitar, viola, ostrich guitar) percussion, slow paced, vixen/temptress, phallic/sexual references, unexpected colors,  posh art scene 1964 NY, disembodied pleasure, alternate reality. There is a black and white, elegant artsy essence that I have tried to build off on for my simpler compositions. I'm positive that after all of this, surely I will have things set solid by tomorrow. 

Please keep in mind these are all process images. 

The Velvet Underground Vinyl Progress

 This album cover is an attempt to communicate a sense of disembodiment and vacancy. The microscopic images of hair juxtaposed with the vibrant color visualizes the idea of glamour and grit that comes with the rock and roll lifestyle. I feel that I am moving in a better direction. 

This would be a great inside image for a gate-fold album. 

Front/Back Cover

Either the sleeve of the vinyl or the inside of the pocket will have handwritten lyrics.

Final Tic Tac Designs

All four designs: 

It looks like the magenta is turned up, but the tic tac box top left is actually hot pink. 

Displayed here are the vector versions, photographic, and scanned. 

My favorite is the vector version. I think it translated the best with the aesthetics and the context. I used rotation to add movement. 

My keywords for my final project were fun and simplicity. I originally wanted to make these elegant but none of the designs translated that way. 


 Altered photo:

Scanned image: