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Marconi Identity/Exhibition Revision/Final

I redesigned some of these elements to fit the space and layered multiple identities to create graphic elements in my magazine for Type II. The first portion of this project came a lot easier to me, to think spatially about it was a challenge. I reworked my model making the design cleaner and shooting the photos in a way that captured the same qualities as the rest of the identity set. 

Qualitative California Zephyr Poster Revision/Final
This poster taught me a lot about image and type and the relationship between the two. I went through many iterations with different incorporations of typography, all feeling very disjointed. The image was so surreal, I didn't want to take away from the landscape with flat typography. I adjusted the opacity and size to create depth and merge the type with the landscape to make this look like a trip someone would want to go on. Most of the journey is at night which is the reason for the starry sky and the moon-like luminescence over the imagery. It is quantitative in the fact that it goes from each realistic landscape in the actual order that they would be experienced during the trip. I really enjoyed this project. I reprinted this poster for the sophomore reviews. 

Microphone timeline poster revision
This is a timeline visualizing the history of the microphone. I reworked the type on this poster so I could reprint it for sophomore reviews. This idea was one that was fully realized for me. I was so interested in visualizing sound in a captivating way and exploring the way that sound may look. I printed this on a luster paper to allow the copper background to shine and the colors to pop. The dates recede into the center, each wave layer having a different significant date in the microphone's history. 

Marconi Exhibit Scaled Model Process
This is a process model that was built at 3/4'' scale. The figures are a little less than 6 ft just to get a reference. Going to make more image that's a part of the wall. I put the imagery on these black boards so I could move them around to see where I liked them. Also going to utilize the symbol and colors large scale throughout the exhibit. I'm probably just going to rebuild it. I feel that I needed to do this first model to better my craft and really understand how this was going to look at this scale. 

P3 Artifacts // Marconi

The more I work on this the more I want to change and the more excited I get about it. So many details finally coming together to create a narrative about this person. I wanted to portray this inventor as genius, scientific, sophisticated, elegant, and masculine. Some of these things were difficult to translate because of the time differences. The pictogram, for me, was really difficult because it seems so modern and like it doesn't fit in. I tried a silhouette and I may go back and revisit that. The image that the presentation begins with is one of my many attempts at a pictogram. I'm especially excited about the morse code SOS symbol which was first transmitted by Marconi, the brains of this invisible communication. The "S" is spelled with three dots, the "O" with three dashes, and then the "S" again. The letter mark is a personification, the "G" being the head of Marconi, the "M" forming his suit/body. I'm excited to see how this all translates into the 3-d model.

Marconi P3 update
This project is really challenging due to all of the components. I am moving forward to apply these in context to the wearables, calling card, and cd. I have started the webpage, I just used wix to create an actual template. Here is a link to that page:  http://shoutout.wix.com/so/4Kowxnnh#/main

My keywords for Marconi are genius, perseverance, masculinity, and confidence. The whole idea is to feel futuristic (alluding to his progressive thinking) and stay sort of classic at the same time. The letter mark is a personification of sorts in which the "G" forms the head of the rigid shoulders of the "M", (serious). The pictogram is a silhouette of Marconi. The logo type refers to the SOS code that Marconi first transmitted from England to Newfoundland without wires at just 27 years old. He actually initially just sent the "S" which is three dots. The alternative logo is some radio / sound lengths forming an M. They also represent the invisible line of communication that he created between thousands of miles. The more I apply these in context the more changes I make. 

Here is a mockup CD I made that is titled "Are you ready."

On 13 May 1897, Marconi sent the world's first ever wireless communication over open sea. The experiment, based in Wales, witnessed a message transversed over the Bristol Channel from Flat Holm Island to Lavernock Point in Penarth, a distance of 6 kilometres (3.7 mi). The message read "Are you ready".

And last but not least I have the business card, which I used the sound waves forming the "M". The aesthetic is minimal to relate to his inventiveness. These are mint green colored. I'm going to try a few more renditions with the sos signals and the letter mark. The lines here represent the invisible lines of communication he created across thousands of miles, connecting people in a way like never before. 

Guglielmo Marconi
I made a moral design choice to change my person from Thomas Edison to Guglielmo Marconi. Thomas Edison electrocuted animals (including dogs, cats, and an elephant) to demonstrate and test his DC current. Marconi is an Italian inventor responsible for long distance radio transmission. Here are a few identifiers that I have been working on.

P3 progress/ identifiers for Thomas Edison

I included multiple renditions of a few of these, I think they still need work but I feel like I'm going in the right direction. I wanted to encapsulate his odd behavior, such as the naps and the manic work habits, and his struggles with learning and hearing. I also wanted to merge the idea of sound and light to just emit a type of energy from each piece of the identification. He created energy in so many forms and influenced everything from light to film. A lot of the things I read about him had really nasty comments from people, favoring Tesla and focusing completely on the ac/dc current debate. Made me angry because Edison did so much MORE than the lightbulb. Over 2,000 patents worldwide, I don't see how anyone can argue with that.