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Thesis WIP

My senior degree project examines mindfulness and our relationship with the omnipotent screen. I am challenging not only the position of the screen and the manner in which it consumes us, but the content on those screens and the way we view it. For my rapid prototyping of the space, I designed a poster based on the no signal color bars on a television. I used these bars to extend the viewer's eye toward the ceiling, cutting and placing extensions of the color bars to create a more immersive space. There are several screens (iPads, most likely) descending from the ceiling. These screens will have visual imagery like I've shown here with the Beta fish. This imagery will be macro views of our every day life, highlighting the beautiful in the mundane and giving the viewer the opportunity to be mindful and think about the space we inhabit externally and internally. How can we use this technology to our psychological advantage? Please check back here as I will be updating regularly in preparation for the senior show. 

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