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Hi I'm Kristen. I grew up on a dairy farm in Kansas. I work harder than I probably should because I love what I do. I live for wide open spaces and time with my family. I have three children and a dog named Charlie Brown. I graduated in May of 2017 from The Kansas City Art Institute where I studied Graphic Design and Sound Design. 

I grew up on a 100 acre farm so I had a lot of room to roam. As a child, I was very serious about my career path as an archaeologist. I would stage digs on the farm or chip fossils from rocks. I had my own digging kit complete with dust brushes and picks. I found a few arrowheads and various animal bones but never the dinosaur bones I was looking for. I was able to go on some real digs at the University of Kansas but I quickly realized that the field wasn't the right fit for me. I still carry that same aptitude and attention to detail in my current work. I approach design with a similar tediousness and with the vigor, wonder and passion that I had for archaeology. I believe that good design is in the details and I try to work with my hands as much as possible. I incorporate illustration within my work whenever it is appropriate. My favorite part of being a designer is having the ability to make things transform into something beautiful. I can dig until I reveal the beauty in just about anything. 

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoyed making it. If you did, please let me know. I'd love to hear from you.        

                                                      :   ) 




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