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d e s i g n

Constructed Image Poster

This is a mock up poster for outside of a gallery or museum announcing the exhibit inside. I chose Alexander Fleming because I have a soft-spot for science and old glass bottles. My exploration began with capturing the light shining through the bottles. The reflection of the fractured light on the paper led to me the idea of using an overhead projector. I used the overhead projector to create a sense of nostalgia referencing my days in grade school and the memories I have of the heat of the projector and the beautiful warm light it emits. I experimented with the way in which I could project the hand-lettered words and then through my process discovered that the silhouette of the objects on the projector conveyed the aesthetic and message I wanted to express. The words are inside the glass slides that are used with the microscope specimens. My process is intuitive but very deliberate. This image has not been digitally edited. The idea was to create a composition completely away from the computer.